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90 Day Fiance: Loren Brovarnik Shares Results Of Her New Surgery! [Latest Update]

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik likes turning heads with her bold decisions. She has a love-and-hate relationship with viewers. Some often attack her for various decisions. Loren’s back-to-back pregnancies created a lot of buzz.

However, she shocked the TLC viewers again after her massive postpartum weight loss. Fans even accused her of abusing Ozempic. But she boldly denied all the rumors and gave all the credit to her hard work.

The popular celeb has been receiving so many hate comments from critics about her body. Now it appears the mom of three decided to do something about the body shaming. She underwent a mommy makeover by having major surgeries!

90 Day Fiance: Loren Informs Fans About Her Post Surgery Health!

No one can stop Loren Brovarnick from taking her health and fitness seriously. She likes surprising her fans with her latest updates. The 90 Day Fiance star is taking another step in her self-care journey. She went under the knife for a new makeover.

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She took to Instagram on September 20 to inform her fans about the big news. In it, she posted a picture with her plastic surgeon, Dr Dev Vibhakar. She posted the picture of herself in a hospital gown after going under the knife.

Brovarnik informed her fans in the caption and stated, “And here we are, 1 week post-op! Stitches out. Drains out. Mama is on her way!” She went on to clarify the term “Natural Mommy Makeover” after praising her doctor.


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The 90 Day Fiance celebrity, Loren, explained, “I say natural because I used my own fat and didn’t put anything in me.” Brovarnik accepted that she went for a tummy tuck as well since she has abdominal diastasis. Further, the TLC star revealed that she repurposed herself by doing 360 Lipo and fat transfer to her boobs.

She has been excited about her new journey, no matter whether people hate her, bash her, support her, or cheer for her. Loren seems to look more confident in this new journey and is looking forward to sharing it with her supporters.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Share Mixed Reactions On Loren’s Plastic Surgery!

Loren Brovarnik has a habit of receiving hatred from fans. Fans frequently targeted her for her decisions, but she didn’t fear anyone. Loren’s decision to get the surgery came after having three consecutive babies. She always wanted to go under the knife after giving birth to her three babies.

The 90 Day Fiance star has left the fans in disbelief in the comment section. Her followers attacked her for going under the knife. One fan wrote, “Sadly, you aren’t who I thought you were, which is why I followed you. So respectfully, I’m done following you.”


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However, several others came in to support Loren, too. They showered her with lots of wishes and kind words in the comment section. Also, they reminded her to listen to herself and no one else. One fan joked, “If anyone is hating on you, it’s because they can’t afford to do it themselves.”

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