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90 Day Fiance: Emily & Kobe Are Returning For Happily Ever After [Potential Storyline]

Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly are set to return to the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Fans were overjoyed when they were announced as the cast of Happily Ever After show. The couple has already won many hearts because of their unique storyline and charming personalities.

But viewers wondered what their possible storyline could be and if they had enough content to entertain them or not. Apparently, they have already walked down the aisle and have two kids. But it appears that the couple still has a lot to offer. What is it all about?

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90 Day Fiance: Kobe & Emily’s Potential Storyline On HEA

90 Day Fiance stars Kobe and Emily initially crossed paths in a nightclub in China. They instantly had a spark and ended up having a one-night stand. Though it was intended to be a one-night thing, the couple fell in love and decided to get married. They didn’t waste much time and ended up welcoming their first child which was soon followed by their second one as well.

After all this, viewers were skeptical about what Kobe and Emily’s storyline had to offer to Happily Ever After. However, there is a lot of drama that is about to unfold. Apparently, this season would feature the union of families. Emily would be meeting her in-laws for the first time and would discover new things about their culture.


As per the reports, Kobe comes from a royal family and is a prince of Cameroon. He comes from a patriarchal culture where man is the declared head of the family. But that’s not the shocking part! In the 90 Day Fiance celeb’s tradition, the wife completely “belongs” to her husband. On the other hand, Emily was born and brought up in a completely different background.

She has a strong persona with a feminist approach. Hence, it would be interesting to watch when these two would clash. Even fans are eager to know if Emily would be able to accept Kobe’s traditions or not. So, this season would tell us if she would be a good Cameroonian wife or not.

90 Day Fiance: Kobe And Emily Are Still Dealing With Financial Issues

90 Day Fiance fans witnessed how Kobe and Emily were dealing with money issues during their last appearance. The latter had to ask her parents to pay for their wedding while they were already taking care of all of their expenses. Apparently, Kobe came with $4,000 to America and believed that he would be able to fulfill all the promises that he had made to Emily.

However, it was Emily’s father who gave Kobe a reality check and wondered what the couple would do after their marriage. He even asked about how these two would “live in the real world.” Yet, for the time being, Emily’s family allowed them to live in their house even after they exchanged vows and had a third baby on the way.


Hence, even during Emily and Kobe’s pillow talk segments, they seemed to be filming in their parents’ house’s basement. However, even during the HEA edition, things haven’t changed a lot. The couple still have to figure out a place to live, and they are still dealing with financial issues.

So, Emily and Kobe’s storyline would revolve around how they would figure out their finances while the former tries her best to adjust with her in-laws.

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