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90 Day Fiance: Daniele Exposes Yohan, Reveals He’s “Recruiting” Women From Different Countries

Daniele Gates and Yohan Gerimino have never been two peas in a pod because of their distinctive personalities. There have been several instances when 90 Day Fiance viewers felt that they should part ways for all the good reasons. However, the couple was still determined to give their relationship another try and save their love.

But it seems that Daniele and Yohan were perhaps not able to last! Recently, fans were in disbelief when the former ended up literally exposing the latter on a public platform. That’s because she wanted the world to know the real side of her partner. What did Gates reveal?

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90 Day Fiance: Daniele Exposes Yohan As He Is Allegedly Recruiting Women

90 Day Fiance stars Daniele and Yohan have a long list of issues that they need to resolve in order to stay together. But there is a fair chance that they have already parted ways and are keeping their split undercover because of their NDA agreements.

Recently, viewers were in shock when Daniele decided to expose Yohan on Facebook and made some surprising revelations on the platform. She posted a picture of the latter and claimed that he was allegedly “recruiting” women from Europe, Argentina, and Canada these days.

If you or someone you know is in an online relationship with Yohan, please read [Details inside]
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Daniele warned everyone and stated that Yohan was looking for women who could send him “money” for his “business.” She even added that she would be “happy” to have a “private” conversation with ladies who “think” that they are dating him.

The celeb further claimed that her love story with Yohan would be continued on “television” and fans would soon know if she was still with him or not. But Daniele just wanted every woman who is dating online to be “careful” and save themselves from the ongoing scam.

A Reddit thread started with the screenshots of 90DayChisme page’s post while users rushed to the comment section. A fan wrote, “Oooh messyyyyyyy.” Another added, “I hope this comes up in the reunion.” Someone further said, “Play stupid games win stupid prizes.”

90 Day Fiance: Yohan Finally Reveals Why He Married To Daniele, Real Face Revealed!

90 Day Fiance fans have always been skeptical when it comes to Yohan and his intentions of marrying Daniele. There have been endless instances when viewers saw the latter handling all the bills and expenses. This made the audience wonder if the Dominican Republic native only walked down the aisle for the sake of American dollars!

Amid all this, Yohan finally revealed the real reason why he actually married Daniele in the first place. As per Yohan, he exchanged vows with Daniele for the kind of life that she promised to give him. He further joked that during his one year of marriage, he only got a pet dog!

90 Day Fiance

The celeb basically wants Gates to contribute to the “good life” they manifested and fulfill the promises that she made. Yohan’s intentions were clear when he stated, “I married an American woman to stay here and have nothing?.” He further added, “That’s like a horror story.” Hence, Yohan finally ended up exposing his real face to the world!


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