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90 Day Fiancé: Citra’s Father Breaks Down Crying After She & Sam Reveal Major Surprise

90 Day Fiancé couple Sam Wilson and Citra have given Citra’s father Herman a big surprise. Amazon employee Sam and his girlfriend Citra, who’s from Indonesia, met on a dating app four years ago. He proposed to her two years after dating online, and Citra moved to the U.S. on a K-1 visa so they could get married. Sam’s drug past wasn’t an inconvenience for Citra. The 90 Day Fiance season 10 star was kind and understanding of his issues. Citra’s family, including her dad Herman, and sisters Nanda and Nafa, joined them in America to attend the wedding.

Sam and Citra decided to fly to Indonesia to surprise her dad.

“Nothing better than coming home surprising your dad,” Citra wrote in her caption. They had told Herman that they weren’t able to travel, and he was heartbroken upon hearing the news.

“We booked our flight last minute and had get through long a** flight that made our b**t numb lmao,” Citra laughed.

Herman wished Sam would come to meet him, and he was missing his daughter and son-in-law a lot. Citra and Sam were accompanied by Sam’s brother Timmy and Citra’s sister, Nafa, who are engaged.

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The video showed Sam, Citra, Timmy, and Nafa all flying together to Indonesia. They had a layover in Tokyo before they arrived in Indonesia. Herman seemed to have met the two couples in a hotel room. As soon as he saw Sam, Herman hugged his son-in-law tightly and broke down crying. Citra wrote, “It was worth it to see his reaction. He [was] literally shocked and cried as he hugged Sam and I.”90 Day Fiancé fans in the couple’s comments section were moved by the love Herman has for the American man. They noted how Herman didn’t lose a daughter, but he gained a son.

Before Herman flew to Missouri to attend Sam and Citra’s wedding, Sam was worried about how the police officer would react to his secret. Sam had not told Citra and Herman that he had missed the deadline to complete a diversion program that was going to keep him out of jail. Sam was arrested in 2023 when he was caught with the drug Suboxone without a prescription bottle. Sam faced jail time, which spelled trouble for his married life with Citra. Yet, Herman was kind enough to understand Sam’s predicament. He didn’t take Citra back to Indonesia as Sam suspected.

Sam had to convert to Islam before their wedding. It was important for Herman to come to the U.S. so he could guide Sam through the process. Sam and Citra got married in September 2023 a few weeks after Citra moved to America. Meanwhile, Sam has been facing negative comments about his appearance, specifically his bottom teeth and jaw. Sam has been insisting that he still has his bottom teeth and that his jaw looks unique due to his Irish roots. Citra has also sparked baby rumors, but the new video confirms she isn’t pregnant.

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