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General Hospital: Charles Shaughnessy Victor RETURNS, Unleashes New Terror In Port Charles

The residents of Port Charles are relieved with Victor Cassadine’s death on General Hospital. This legacy villain died in the WSB’s drone strike in Greenland. Victor relentlessly terrorized the citizens till he was alive, thus, his absence is pinching no one presently. But one big question is – Did he really meet his end? After all, people don’t die this easily in soap operas. Hence, speculations are flying around that Victor might return. Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to know more information.

Port Charles Is Still Anxious About Victor’s Death – Will He Come Back?

As Victor Cassadine is finally dead on General Hospital, a will reading is being held in town. Laura Collins will be serving as the host to this event and read Victor’s will. But as the villain left a greater terror in the residents, they are anxious and scared about what wishes and secrets Victor might have left in his will. The latest spoilers reveal that actor Charles Shaughnessy has filmed some scenes for the will reading. Perhaps, the viewers might see a projection of Victor reciting his will or a video recording of him might also surface.


General Hospital

Recently, Charles Shaughnessy interacted with Soap Opera Digest and opened up about his side of the storyline. He teased that the speculations about Victor being alive might be right or wrong. Charles also hinted that Victor is not completely gone and knows when and how to bounce back! So without revealing too much, Charles did say that the residents of Port Charles cannot be relieved completely yet. The mighty villain can always raise up with the evil intentions anytime and in any form!

General Hospital: Secrets Might Be Revealed About Luke And Anna In Victor’s Will

General Hospital fans are not accepting the half-hearted death-story of Luke Spencer. They are speculating that he might be alive and could be in captivity of Victor Cassadine. For all we know, Victor’s will might drop those clues! If that is true, the residents of Port Charles must start the hunt to find Luke where ever Victor kept him hostage and save him. The storyline of General Hospital seems to be coming up with different twists and turns for its fans to remained hooked.


The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that Victor Cassadine might reveal some shocking news about Anna through his will. If that happens, Anna will be shook and find herself in untieable knots. Thus, even after dying, Victor is still fueling the drama and spice back in Port Charles. Things seem to be heating up all over again in General Hospital.

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