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‘General Hospital’: Nina & Sonny’s Wedding Wrecked (VIDEO)

General Hospital fans, prepare for an unforgettable saga as Nina Reeves and Sonny Corinthos‘ anticipated wedding drama unfolds amidst a whirlpool of secrets. The high-stakes situation could potentially be derailed when Nina’s long-hidden secret comes to light at the most critical moment.

This revelation is likely to send shockwaves through Sonny’s world, possibly paving the way for a dramatic Carly-Sonny reunion. This intricate narrative weaves together elements of suspense, surprise, and emotional turmoil that are bound to keep the audience captivated.

Anticipated Drama in General Hospital: Nina and Sonny’s Wedding


Hey there, ABC Soap Opera fans. It is Soap Dirt on YouTube, and we want to talk about this Nina Reeves and Sonny Corinthos wedding that should be coming soon, and we think that that wedding is going to be wrecked because her SEC thing is going to be revealed at the altar.

That is our prediction. And we want to dig in and talk about all the reasons that we think that is going to happen that way. Of course, Sonny Corinthos just proposed to Nina Reeves, and she initially said no and then thought he did it off the cuff. But then he proved himself by pulling out a gorgeous ring.

And, of course, she said yes on General Hospital. Then they went over to the Metro Court restaurant to celebrate. That’s when Carly Corinthos Spencer overheard them. And the look on her face when she heard engaged, was worth the price of admission for the most recent episode. Boy, are things getting soapy.

General Hospital: Carly Corinthos Spencer (Laura Wright)


An Unexpected Proposal and Carly Corinthos’ Reaction on GH

Let’s dig in and talk about what we think might be coming for Nina and Sonny as they head into wedding planning mode on General Hospital. So Carly and Drew Cain have been talking this week.

And for some bizarre reason, they think that their best legal strategy is to expose the whistleblower who tattled on them.

And hot on the heels of having that conversation with Drew, Carly Corinthos ran into Olivia Falconeri, who was sympathetic to what Carly is facing.


General Hospital Characters’ Struggles: Carly, Drew, and Olivia Falconeri

But at the same time was unapologetic about the idea that Ned might have called the SEC on them. She said that, you know, she didn’t like it, but let’s not get it twisted. He told the truth. So Olivia’s still under the assumption that Ned Quartermaine is the one who called the SEC on them.

But she is not doing anything that Carly expected on General Hospital. Carly expected her friend to toss her husband out on his ears for telling the truth. And that just shows the baseline difference in the type of people that Olivia and Carly are.

So they are going to keep digging in. Meanwhile, other people are digging. Sonny’s digging for answers, and it sounds like Ned is digging for answers, and that means answers are going to bubble up.

Ned Quartermaine’s Possible Involvement in the SEC Issue

But I’m betting it’s not going to be this week or next week. I think it’s going to be a little while. General Hospital likes stuff like this to be a slow burn, you know, they don’t just like bring something up and then let it die off.

I mean, think how long Willow Tait has had this stage-four cancer. Think how long we waited to find out who Nina’s daughters were, and then one daughter, then another. I mean, literally, that’s been going on for years.

The Slow Burn Plot Lines in GH: Willow’s Cancer, Nina’s Daughters

So I don’t know. I feel like this one is also going to be a slow burn for one big reason. If it comes out right now on General Hospital, think about what Nina Reeves will lose.

She’ll probably lose Sonny Corinthos, and that’s about it. I mean, nobody can take the hotel away from her cause that’s her money. And you know, maybe Drew might fire her from her job at Crimson.

Maybe. But the people that are her friends that care about her are not going to care. They’re going to know that this is just more of, you know, Nina and Carly taking potshots at each other.

And a lot of people might take the attitude of, well, you know, they did what they did. So right now, Nina has Sonny to lose, but not much else because Willow hasn’t let her back in her life. She’s not getting to see either of her grandkids.

So she needs more skin in the game on General Hospital. So, if it comes out, you know, several weeks from now or even a few months later, then that gives us time for Nina to work her way closer into Willow’s good graces.

The Possible Consequences for Nina Reeves: Relationships with Sonny, Willow, and Grandkids

And maybe Sonny getting engaged to Nina is going to help soften things up for Willow. Like maybe it will make Michael Corinthos finally listen to, okay, this is not a flash in the pan. I care about this woman. I’m going to marry her. Your mom has moved on.

You know, and maybe Michael can chill out. And if he chills out, then maybe Willow will chill out. And that could open the door for Nina to get to spend time with Wiley and baby Amelia. So, and it’s important that Nina gets closer to them on General Hospital.

Then, when the truth comes out, there’s the very real risk of them being ripped away from her. Because even if Willow comes around and lets Nina into her life, that’s not going to supplant Carly.

Right now, it’s like Nina is kind of like an aunt or a mother-in-law. Like a distant relative, while Carly Corinthos Spencer feels like a mom, a mother figure to Willow.

General Hospital: Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) - Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell)

Nina’s Potential Place in Wiley and Baby Amelia’s Lives on General Hospital

So, you know, no matter what, Willow is going to retain that really close tie to Carly. And so once this all spills out, Willow’s probably going to reject her. Honestly, the soapiest and best place in time for the truth bomb to come out would be at Sonny and Nina’s wedding.

Like right at the moment when Sonny is ready to marry her, they’re at the altar, and the preacher is just about to say, husband and wife. Wouldn’t that be the perfect moment on General Hospital? We’ll talk about that more in a second.

Predicting the Soapiest Moment: The Truth Bomb at GH’s Sonny and Nina’s Wedding

So basically, for me, I’m not a soap opera writer. I am a writer, but I’m not a soap writer. If I was writing General Hospital, though, I would have Carly find out the truth and burst into the wedding with the proof. Because Carly definitely should be there when it all comes out.

But it doesn’t seem like Carly would get an invitation to the wedding, you know, that doesn’t seem likely. But her bursting in on it would be very interesting. And if it comes, you know, a couple of months from now, then everything should be in a position where Nina will lose so much more.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) - Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)

How Carly Corinthos Could Impact the Wedding of General Hospital’s Sonny and Nina

Willow should be healthy and told she can expect to live a long life. Then there’s lots of opportunity for Nina to think, Oh, I’m going to have years ahead with my daughter. Also, years ahead with my grandson and my granddaughter. And then, you know, everyone will be lost to her.

Everyone will abandon her on General Hospital. While it’d be nice to think that Sonny would forgive her and say, you know, I’ve done worse. In his mind there’s probably not much worse than ratting somebody out to the cops because he’s a mobster, and they don’t play that.

The Consequences of the Truth: Sonny Corinthos’ Potential Reaction on GH

So if you’re one of those who hopes that, you know, she’s going to get out of this, I would think again. I don’t think there’s any way he’s going to forgive her. And if you were happy to see Nina with Sonny and to get off the Carly and Sonny merry-go-round, I just don’t feel like it’s going to last.

General Hospital: Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) - Carly Corinthos Spencer (Laura Wright)

You know, I feel like General Hospital is taking a long and winding road back to a Carly and Sonny reunion, even though Maurice Benard has said he really, really enjoys the new character arc he’s gotten.

And I mean, really, Sonny’s like a whole new guy, even though the same actor is playing the role. So I would call it, I don’t know, like a 3% chance that Sonny would find a way to forgive Nina and marry her anyway.

But I’m thinking it’s more like a 97% future forecast for some Carly/Sonny action. But I definitely hope that it’s a slow burn, and I hope it blows up at the wedding, and it’s epic.


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