Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Wears Her Mom’s Wedding Ring After Taking Over All Her Assets?

Savannah has been facing a huge crisis since her folks, Todd and Julie, went to jail. She decided to parent her siblings ever since this massive change. She has had several emotional breakdowns because of it. But Chrisley Knows Best fans are more concerned about knowing why she is ruining her life behind her siblings. She has even claimed she would not get married or have children until her parents complete their sentence. Savannah seemed to be very close to her parents. Now she owns everything of her parents, including her siblings. But is she wearing Mama Julie’s wedding ring as well?

Chrisley Knows Best: Fans Spotted Mama Julie’s Wedding Ring On Savannah’s Neck!

Savannah has clearly stated that she is not interested in marrying and starting her family right now. All she cares about is her younger siblings. However, fans are curious to know why she has started to wear a ring on her neck. The Chrisley Know Best star has been wearing this ornament around her neck since her parent’s jail sentence. Is there something special about the ring? Currently, Savannah decided to put her personal life on hold. Although she had been dating someone, but decided not to take it further. Fans have applauded her for stepping in for her siblings. But no one understands why she is affecting her personal life with all this.


Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah also owns all the assets of her parents since their imprisonment. Many Chrisley Knows Best fans also think that she is doing everything for her family’s best interest. Recently, she was also spotted wearing a ring around her neck with a necklace. Fans speculate it is the same ring Mama Julie wore on her ring finger. Hence, they believe she has actually been wearing her mother’s wedding ring. Also, it means that she is always trying to carry the essence of her parents along with her. They also speculated that Savannah has been wearing it ever since her parents’ trial began in 2022.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Shares The Truth Behind Break Up With Musician Nate Smith!

Savannah had a very thrilling life before the jail sentence of her parents. However, she has been struggling to keep up with her parenting responsibilities. The Chrisley Knows Best celebrity had been dating singer Nate Smith for a long time. However, she decided to put an end to it. Recently, she disclosed the truth behind her breakup with her ex. Savannah revealed that she had an amazing relationship with Nate. She appeared to be enjoying her relationship a lot, and he was the best person ever.


Chrisley Knows Best

Sadly the reality TV personality put an end to their bond after a few months. The reality TV star added that she respected her ex a lot. But, it was impossible for her to leave her siblings alone. After all, she is Grayson and Chloe’s legal guardian now. Moreover, she added that Nate wanted someone to be with him completely so they could “enjoy” all the things. But Savannah has to deal with a lot of things at home. Hence she decided to split from her boyfriend.

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