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8 Reasons Why 90 Day Fiancé: TOW’s Debbie Aguero’s Popularity Is Plummeting

Debbie Aguero was a fan-favorite on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, but her behavior at the Tell-All might’ve just erased her newfound popularity. The older American woman capitalized on her quirk and charm throughout the season. However, Debbie’s real personality came out during the Tell-All and earned her backlash from viewers.

Debbie joined the franchise during 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4, when she debuted her romance with young Moroccan man, Oussama. Even though he was many decades younger than her, Debbie insisted that she wasn’t attracted to young men and had only fallen for Oussama because of their connection. The artistic couple bonded over art and poetry, however, they shared different views for their future. While Debbie intended to live out her life in Morocco, Oussama wanted to move to the US. This led to the couple splitting and Debbie arriving at the Tell-All to weigh in on other cast members’ romances.

8. Debbie Acted Out At The Tell-All


Debbie was once considered favorable among 90 Day Fiancé fans, but she revealed a far more controversial image at the Tell-All. The mother was praised for standing up for herself and articulating her needs, though Debbie arrived at the Tell-All full of controversial and delusional hot takes. She slammed Oussama alongside her son, even though she was still in contact with him. Meanwhile, she felt justified to call out many of her fellow cast members, which brought more attention back on her own questionable behavior and past.

7. Debbie Seeks Attention


The same behavior that initially made Debbie popular among 90 Day Fiancé viewers is now isolating her from them. Debbie’s nasty behavior at the Tell-All has shed new light on her past actions and makes her current actions look worse. She arrived at the Tell-All eager to take attention away from her fellow cast members, as she decked herself out in hot pink. It was clear that Debbie wanted to be the center of attention. This aligned with her boldness when it came to calling out her fellow cast members. Debbie’s attention-seeking behavior could be a ruse to get her cast on a future show.

6. Debbie Called Jeymi A Predator

Debbie’s biggest faux pas at the Tell-All was calling fan-favorite cast member Jeymi Noguera a predator. Debbie might’ve started the season out strong when it came to fan support, but a Reddit thread started by u/kittapea showed that fans will side with Jeymi over the Southern grandmother. “I like Debbie but I like Jeymi more ! Don’t mess with Jeymi, Debbie,” one user declared. “Meh. Debbie’s ‘ditzy charm’ is a ruse to avoid any accountability. Not saying I don’t think Ousamma is a POS, just that Debbie isn’t as dumb as she portrays,” another user weighed in. Many fans slammed her hot take on Jeymi.


5. Debbie Mocked Rishi’s Accent

Not only did Debbie come after Jeymi, but she also shared her thoughts openly on other cast members. Another one of her offensive moments occurred when she spoke against Rishi Singh. The Southern woman appeared to mock his Indian accent in a scene that didn’t go unnoticed by viewers. Reddit user u/here_4_drama shared the scene on Reddit, and called Debbie out for her mockery of Rishi’s accent. “Did this b**** really just imitate Rishi’s accent?!!” the angry user exclaimed. “Yes, she DID mock Rishi and it pisses me off. This bag needs to keep her racist mouth shut. I’m tired of listening to her,” another viewer wrote back.

4. Debbie Went After A Teenager

Though Debbie’s age-gapped relationship with Oussama was always controversial, she did her best to declare that their love was genuine and avoided being called a creep. However, after she used the word predator against a fellow cast member, the word is now being used against her in a more critical light. Oussama was only 19 when Debbie first chatted with him, while she was in her 60s. 90 Day Fiancé fans freaked out when other age-gapped couples got together, though theirs were actually less significant than the one between Debbie and Oussama.

3. Debbie Can’t Let Oussama Go

One of the reasons why Debbie was considered likable to viewers after the season ended and before the Tell-All aired is because she stood up for herself. Debbie recognized her worth and called Oussama out after she discovered he wanted to use her to get to the United States. However, her triumphant moment has been erased in part due to her still being in communication with her ex. If Oussama truly is the user that Debbie painted him to be, then it’s difficult to understand why she still associates with him after she publicly bashed him and left him.

2. Debbie Is Milking Her Fame


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Another reason why Debbie’s charm is quickly wearing off is because it seems obvious that she wants to milk her fleeting fame. When Debbie first appeared on the season and spoke about wanting love in her golden years, it was hard not to root for her to find that love. However, she now seems more focused on sensationalizing her experience. Debbie transformed her Instagram from a look at her art, to a focus on herself. She’s also pushing for her son Julian to get in the spotlight, as she tried to set him up with fellow cast member, Jen Boecher. Debbie surprisingly seems hungry to milk her fifteen minutes of fame.

1. Debbie Might Want A Spin-off


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Overall, Debbie might be one of many 90 Day Fiancé cast members who entered the franchise for fame. Though this first seemed unlikely due to her age, she’s changed a lot in a short time. There’s a strong chance that Debbie wants a future in the franchise, as she simply seems like somebody who wears vibrant colors and says outlandish things to attract attention. Her speech when she became single rings like an opening line used to get cast on 90 Day: The Single Life. This possible strategic play caused Debbie to lose the charm and sincerity that originally endeared her to 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans.

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