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General Hospital Spoilers For May 24, 2023: Carly Is SHOCKED!

General Hospital spoilers for May 24, 2023, suggest that this episode will come with big bombshells. In this episode, Carly will get to know about Sonny and Nina’s engagement, and she will blow up. Then, Curtis and Drew will also have a one and one. Molly will also open up to TJ about her health. What will she tell? Keep reading to find out.

Curtis And Drew Have A One On One

General Hospital Spoilers for May 24, 2023, tease that Curtis and Drew will get talking and mull over Curtis’ relationship with Portia Robinson. Curtis will be wondering if he gave up on his marriage too quickly. Drew will tell him that only he can answer that question. However, keeping in mind his past experiences, Drew might suggest to Curtis that he, too, can give Portia another chance and make amends.


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In the meantime, Portia will speak with Jordan. They will most probably speak about Curtis and perhaps everything that happened with Trina Robinson. Marcus Taggert had pointed out that Jordan bought Portia some time by creating the elevator emergency, and that gave Portia enough time to bring OZ out of the coma and hence saving Trina with his testimony. So now, Portia will want to express her gratitude towards Jordan.

General Hospital: Will Molly Open Up?

Next, on the General Hospital episode of May 24, 2023, TJ will push Molly into opening up. She has been dealing with some very tough moments. Then TJ will encourage Molly to express what she has been feeling. Molly will be very upset and blame herself for the endometriosis crisis. TJ will try to make her understand that whatever is happening has nothing to do with her and there are other parts of parenthood that they can enjoy together. How much Molly understands it is yet to be seen.


Related spoilers suggest Molly’s sister, Sam, will wonder why Alexis isn’t becoming a part of this conversation. So, we will see what Alexis has to say about the Molly crisis. In fact, General Hospital spoilers say that Sam might also question Alexis about her latest The Invader’s hire.

Ava Reminds Nina Of The Truth

On the other end of the town, Ava will get updates about Nina and Sonny getting engaged, and she will congratulate Nina. While Ava will be all cheery in front of everyone, she will flip out on Nina and ask her if she realizes the stakes she has at risk. General Hospital spoilers suggest Ava will remind Nina that she turned Carly and Drew in for insider trading, and if the truth comes out, Sonny will burst out.


General Hospital

Speaking of Carly, she will overhear the news of Sonny and Nina getting engaged, and she will be fuming in rage. However, Diane will push her to focus on the bigger things. It looks like Diane will spell out some options that Carly and tell her she can choose whatever she finds the most comfortable. Would Carly be saved? What will happen? We will have to wait to know. General Hospital airs on ABC all weekdays. Don’t miss the action.

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