‘MAFS’ Spoiler: Do Shaquille & Kirsten Stay Married?

Decision Day finally arrived for the couples of MAFS Season 16. The Nashville couples must decide if they want to stay married or get divorced. There is one couple whose fans are eager to know if they will part ways or stay together. That couple is Shaquille and Kirsten. They’ve shared an interesting marriage and only one of their decisions was disclosed on Wednesday night’s episode. Many fans were not happy the episode ended with a cliffhanger. Keep reading to find out more and what they decide about staying married. Warning! Spoilers below.

MAFS Shaquille and Kirsten’s final decision

MAFS Shaquille and Kirsten did not disclose whether or not they were staying married or getting divorced on Wednesday’s episode. Kirsten was the only one who voiced her decision. She said that while they had issues he was supportive and she wanted to stay married to Shaq.


As for Shaquille, he said that Kirsten is loving and he knows they have had ups and downs. However, through their struggles, they have supported one another. He said, “At any time we could have said, ‘No, we’re gonna go sleep in our own bed and we need our space, whatever.’ But we walked through that door and made sure that we were there for each other.”


Shaq then went on to say how much he appreciated Kirsten. However, he continued, “It’s been very difficult for me, as a man, to really just try to step up to be the man you wanted me to be, that you needed me to be, to give you all of the charms that life has to offer.”

The show then ended and fans are not happy they have to wait an entire week to find out if he says he wants to stay married or get divorced. Fans expressed their anger and disappointment on social media.

Shaq’s decision

Fans who can’t wait for Decision Day answers about which couples stay together or get divorced can turn to Instagram account MAFSfan. This account is great for spilling the tea before the episodes air. One piece of information that she shared weeks ago is that Shaq and Kirsten will ultimately get divorced. Fans have also pointed out that in future previews Kirsten is seen without a wedding ring on.

So, next Wednesday, fans will see Shaquille reveal to Kirten and the experts on Married at First Sight that he doesn’t see himself continuing his marriage to Kirsten.

They have had their share of ups and downs so their divorce should’t be too much of a surprise to some.


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