‘Married at First Sight’ star Gina Micheletti dishes on sleeping in the same bed with Clint Webb and if it will continue

Married at First Sight star Gina Micheletti has dished on sleeping in the same bed with Clint Webb during the Couples’ Retreat and if that continued for the rest of the extreme experiment.

Gina, a 35-year-old Nashville salon owner, and Clint, a 40-year-old tech consulting company owner, have had an unusual run on Married at First Sight’s sixteenth season.

The pair get along great and have become close friends, but there is no intimate connection or physicality between them. In fact, Clint and Gina — up to the Couples’ Retreat — had been sleeping in separate beds in their Nashville apartment since the honeymoon during Week 1.


During the March 19 episode of Married at First Sight: Afterparty, Gina watched back a Season 16 clip of Clint and herself in bed together after partying with the cast at the Gatlinburg, TN, retreat.

“It feels like Jamaica,” Clint tells Gina with his head on a pillow.

“This does feel like Jamaica,” Gina agrees with a smile. “The bed is comfy. I’m alright with it. I didn’t feel weird about that at all.”

“No,” Clint responds. “It feels fine to me.”


Gina then jokes, “I hope you haven’t picked up a snoring habit since Jamaica.”

“No, I’m still anti-snoring,” Clint insists.

“Only time will tell!” Gina jokes.

About six weeks of the process passed since Gina and Clint had first agreed to sleep in the same bed together in Jamaica.


“It felt pretty natural. It felt normal,” Gina explained to Afterparty host Keshia Knight Pulliam of the experience.

“And I don’t think we were ever, like, super opposed to sleeping in the same room.”

But Keshia countered, “Yes you were!”

“Well…” Gina began.

“Stop!” Keshia interjected.

Gina attempted to explain, “I guess we just didn’t really — I don’t know. I don’t know.”

But Keshia reminded Gina about how she made it “very clear” that she didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in the same room — or bed — with Clint once they moved into a Nashville apartment together.

“That’s true,” Gina conceded. “You’re right, you’re right. You’re right. I’ll take it; I’ll take it.”

Gina then reiterated how sleeping next to Clint “felt normal” and they “got a good night sleep.”

“Everything was fine. I mean, it still didn’t feel super romantic. We didn’t try to spoon,” Gina disclosed.

“I will say there was one night when we all drank a lot and Clint was really celebrating his birthday, and he fell asleep before I did. And then all of a sudden, I hear him, like, patting the bed. And he goes, ‘Come here, buddy!’ He was like, ‘Come on, Hank.’ He was calling for Hank in his sleep.”

Gina called the scene “really cute.”

Since Gina and Clint had set this precedent during the Couples’ Retreat, Keshia asked her if sleeping in the same bed will continue through Decision Day — or maybe even after.

“I don’t know,” Gina admitted. “It doesn’t feel uncomfortable, but it’s not something where I’m like, ‘I can’t wait to get in bed with my husband.’ It doesn’t feel like that.”

Neither Gina or Clint wanted to give up on their marriage too quickly.

“Something Clint and I discuss frequently is we don’t want to get to Decision Day knowing, like, there could’ve been one day before Decision Day and a firework flew or we felt something,” Gina said. “So we don’t want to give up; we want to keep pressing forward.”

Up to this point in the extreme experiment, Gina and Clint hadn’t even kissed yet.

Gina admitted to their co-stars at the retreat how they were “stuck in the friend zone.”

But Gina said while there were “little annoyances here or there” with Clint, they didn’t fight or find any issue that warranted wanting a divorce. Clint agreed they were headed in the right direction and were trying their best to light a fire between them.

“When it starts feeling forced, it makes it feel even more unattractive. For me, I didn’t sign up for this journey to be married to a friend. I have lots of friends,” Gina explained.

Clint felt the same way, but he told Gina on the show that he could see “for sure” why the experts had matched them. He thought they were doing a good job of embracing the good parts of their relationship and having fun together, and he planned to take things day by day.

Clint told the guys how he and Gina didn’t have a preconceived outcome for Decision Day.

“We don’t want to judge things too early… We’re always assessing,” Clint announced.

Since Clint or Gina both value a sexual relationship being part of a marriage, they were hoping a fire would ignite within the next week before Decision Day.

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