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General Hospital Spoilers For April 14, 2023: Spencer Threatens Victor With Liesl At Knifepoint

General Hospital Spoilers For April 14, 2023, promise an episode full of thrilling rushes. Victor’s master plan is finally revealed, and so is Liesl’s part in it. But Spencer makes a dangerous move that puts not just Victor’s plan on the line but also Liesl’s life. Are we about see another body fall in Port Charles? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers to find out. Meanwhile, back in PC, Brook Lynn tries to make Willow’s wedding arrangements as fast as possible. On the other hand, Portia receives a phone call with some information.

BLQ Issues Some Important Orders, Alex and Gregory Deal With His Condition

Brook Lynn Quartermaine and Sasha have volunteered to make sure that Willow’s wedding with Michael goes hitch-free on General Hospital. However, they are all racing against time. Thus, BLQ will do her best to arrange everything on the double. In the April 14, 2023 episode, she will issue some instructions over the phone. Moreover, she will tell the person that they must accept her requirements because she won’t be taking no for an answer. Later, BLQ will have a heart-to-heart with Chase. Perhaps she will feel moved by Willow’s predicament and realize how unpredictable life is, and people must bury the hatchet and hold on to the ones they love. Will Chase share a similar sentiment?


Gregory and Alexis have been keeping his health condition on the down low on General Hospital. But it’s hard to hide the smoke when there is fire. Thus, Finn, at one point, will start to wonder if his father is battling something serious. How will Gregory handle Finn’s line of questions? Later, Sam McCall will also quiz Alexis about Gregory at The Invader. For how long will Alexis and Gregory be able to keep the secret? Is it ever fair to hide such a thing from their loved ones? If Willow’s situation has taught us anything, we’d say no! So stay tuned to find out what Gregory does next.

General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Takes Liesl On Knifepoint, Threatens Victor

Victor is rather confident about his plan on General Hospital. In the April 14, 2023 episode, there will be further revelations about what he has in mind. The latest spoilers tease that Victor wants to release a pathogen that would end up eradicating a large part of mankind. However, he needs Liesl’s help in ensuring that he, along with Spencer and Ace, remains inoculated from the toxins. But will Liesl agree to help him with the plan? Will she keep him safe while he tries to literally wipe off every person she loves?

General Hospital Spoilers For April 14, 2023, tease that before she even gets a chance to make a decision, Spencer will pull a dangerous stunt. He will take Liesl at knifepoint and threaten Victor that if he ᴋɪʟʟs Liesl, Victor’s plan will ᴅɪᴇ too! However, Victor may have nothing to actually fear because Spencer is only creating a diversion for Trina. While Victor and his henchmen are distracted, Trina will make her way to the communications room and try to make a phone call. The spoilers further tease that Portia will receive a phone call and get some info. Will Trina manage to inform her mother about her whereabouts?


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