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General Hospital Mid-Week Spoilers (April 5- April 7, 2023): A Bad News SPREADS, Laura Is Worried

General Hospital spoilers starting from April 5- April 7, 2023, suggest that the upcoming episodes will bring a big shocker. While the festivities of the Nurses Gala take over, Victor will make some big moves and leave everyone shocked. What is this evil Cassadine up to? Keep reading to find out.

The Tuesday episode of General Hospital got pre-empted because of news. So, we will see the curtains of the Nurses Ball rise today. Everyone, including Carly, Sonny, Nina, Spencer, Trina, you name it, will make their way to the celebrations. There will be some backstage drama when Linc Brown riles Chase and Brook up. Moreover, while everyone is celebrating, Valentin will make a romantic gesture. He will spend some quality time with Anna, but this won’t last long because Victor will decide to make some dangerous moves.

The Thursday episode of General Hospital will be a musical episode. Everyone will gather up for the proceedings of the Nurses Ball. However, not everything will be so fun with Valentin and Anna. Victor will find them and make demands. In the meantime, the young Cassadine, Spencer will receive a warning. Moreover, Gladys will fall back to her shady moves, and we will have to wait to see what she does.


On April 7, 2023, everyone will get a shocker where Laura will be feeling suspicious. Jordan and Spencer will get shocked, and bad news will spread. This will be some big trouble where Sonny and the PCPD will get involved. Lucy will also become frantic.

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