90 Day Fiancé Fans Beg Angela To Ditch Filters After Embarrassing Video

Angela Deem posted a new embarrassing video online, which made 90 Day Fiancé fans urge her to stop using unrealistic filters. The 57-year-old reality star is known for her controversial personality on TLC, where she documented a tumultuous journey with her husband, Michael Ilesanmi. Apart from her reality TV career, Angela is also famous for her wild social media persona that she achieved after her weight loss. In the past few months, Angela has posted a lot of odd filtered content online, which has made social media users concerned for her mental health.

Recently, 90 Day Fiancé’s Angela Deem took her filter game to another level when she posted a heavily enhanced video of herself singing Céline Dion’s “I’m Alive.” Angela captioned the post, “#QUEENISALIVE,” before adding that she is her own queen.


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The video showed the Georgia woman using a dark blue filter that covered her screen with bright stars and applied digital makeup to her face. Throughout the video, Angela made many faces that showcased her high energy and enthusiasm. However, many 90 Day Fiancé fans were not impressed with the Instagram post and couldn’t help but urge her to “please get rid of the filters.”

90 Day Fiancé Fans Don’t Consider Angela Deem A Queen

Unfortunately, Angela’s Instagram post received mostly negative comments from fans. An Instagram user wrote, “No wonder she turns off her comments,” insinuating that the video was difficult to watch. Another user said, “When you go out on the street, people see the truth why u doing this Angela? Be natural why u shame yours [sic] age,” adding that filters only work on the Internet and not in real life. Someone else commented that no one could “FIX TRAILER TRASH,” stating that the 57-year-old Georgia woman is one.

Angela has been with the 90 Day Fiancé franchise for years and boasts close to 800,000 followers on Instagram. Yet her content seems low quality, with poor execution. Angela rarely uses proper lighting in her posts and ruins her photos and videos with unnecessary filters that do not make sense. To make matters worse, she usually has no special message for her fans. Instead, her only goal is to proclaim herself a queen. As a result, fans cringe whenever she posts online and can’t help but tell her they are done with her on social media.

The main reason fans seem to feel embarrassed by Angela’s content is her age, which does not fit her social demeanor. However, Angela’s age could also be why she posts such cringey videos online, as she probably doesn’t know better. Over the years, she has been focusing on her brand and sharing her weight loss transformation clips to impress her followers. However, she is doing it by bombarding her fans with filtered content that makes them feel second-hand embarrassment. Still, if Angela doesn’t know what works on social media, she can probably hire someone to create better content for her that really gets her praise from 90 Day Fiancé fans.

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