General Hospital Spoilers For March 16, 2023: Trina’s Try To Pry A Confession, Spencer Suspects Dex

General Hospital spoilers for March 16, 2023, reveal that Trina will try to pry a confession from Esme about her past deeds. Is this the plan Trina was talking about with Spencer? Next, Spencer will grow suspicious of Dex and will accuse him of hiding something from Sonny. Elsewhere, Gregory will find it difficult to talk, and this leave Alexis feeling suspicious that he is hiding something from her. Keep reading to find what is brewing in Port Charles in today’s episode.

Trina Tries To Pry Confession From Esme

First, Trina will visit Esme at Spring Ridge and have a conversation with her. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Esme will acknowledge that she put Trina and her friends through a difficult time. Once Trina tries to pry a confession from Esme about her past crimes, she will point out that she can’t confess what she doesn’t remember. Looks like this might be Trina’s plan that she was trying to explain to Spencer. If Esme confesses that she is guilty, it might just serve as solid evidence to help Spencer get full custody of Ace. They might just use it to prove his mother is a criminal, and it’s not safe for the baby to grow in such an environment.

Speaking of Spencer, he will have a conflict with Dex where he will suspect that Dex is hiding something from Sonny. Fans know exactly what he is trying to do with Sonny. As for Sonny, he will now have to fill in Nina about the recent attack. So, she will be completely taken aback when she discovers how Sonny had a near-d*ath experience. She may thank Dex for his timely help in the coming episodes. In the meantime, Cameron will warn Josslyn about how things will look like if she dates Dex, who always has some or other problems with the mob. Looks like Josslyn will get pissed off with Cameron’s advice and may ask him to mind his own business.

General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis Suspects Gregory Yet Again

Further on General Hospital, Alexis will have a conversation with Gregory. The spoilers say Gregory will lose his balance and have difficulty is talking. This will leave Alexis worried about things that he is keeping from her. She will know that he is hiding something from her, but Gregory will keep pushing Alexis and will leave her furious. Given how Gregory is behaving, does he have some d*adly medical crisis that might even cost his life? We will know that soon.

Finally, Liesl will have to face a shocker regarding the whole bone marrow. The spoilers already said that Liesl would be the one who saves Willow, so this either be a false alarm or something less serious than she thought. Fans can expect the problems to be solved much faster than imagined. Stay tuned to see what happens next in GH. General Hospital airs every weekday on ABC.

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