General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of March 20-24, 2023: Lucy Escapes Safe House, Victor’s Plan To Att*ck Laura?

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 20-24, 2023, claim that Anna and Valentin will have a clash with each other. So, while they are distracted, Lucy will make use of the golden opportunity and escape from the safe house. Over with Victor, he may have some d*adly plans for Laura, so will he try to att*ck her? Elsewhere, Sasha will have a big surprise for Gladys, who will ultimately end up feeling guilty over keeping secrets from her daughter-in-law. Will Gladys be willing to spill the truth? Keep reading and find out what GH has in store for the viewers in the coming week.

Lucy Escapes From Safe House

First, Anna and Valentin will have an argument with each other. So, Lucy will use this golden opportunity to escape from the safe house. Since the Nurses’ Ball event is approaching, it looks like Lucy might make a grand entry and leave everyone shocked – especially Victor! General Hospital spoilers reveal that Victor will have some wicked plans cooking up in his mind. Since Laura was the one who tried to mess with him, he may send in some of the men to threaten her. Whatever the case, Laura will have to watch her steps.

Elsewhere, Sonny will make a difficult decision when it comes to protecting his family. Now that a mysterious man has tried to sh*ot him, he’ll know the enemy can go to any lengths. So, Sonny will make a promise to someone that he will hunt down the mysterious boss and will strike again. The Pikeman shipment is also approaching, so things are to get pretty chaotic down the line.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Quizzes Jordan

Coming up next, Nina will quiz Jordan about her feelings for Curtis. Now that his marriage to Portia is in jeopardy, she will wonder if Jordan will try to get back with her ex-husband. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Marshall will also have some advice for Portia. Even though she is trying to give Curtis the space he wants, Marshall may warn her to watch her steps. Giving too much space might not be the right thing, so he will ask her to fight for her love and marriage.

Speaking of Curtis, he will cross paths with Trina, and both will face an awkward moment. We have to see whether Portia will be willing to make a move on her husband or not. Elsewhere, Liz will face some anxiety, so it might tie in with Cameron’s departure to Stanford. As for Cameron, he will bump into Josslyn, and both will have an awkward moment together. Trina will also join in to meet with her friend before he leaves the town.

Gladys Feels Guilty About Her Actions

Next, Sasha will have a huge surprise for Gladys. This might either be something fun at the Nurses Ball, or she might give some memorable gift related to Brando. General Hospital spoilers claim Sasha’s actions will make Gladys feel guilty

about her actions. Fans know that Gladys has been betraying Sasha by taking advantage of the guardianship. Whether she spills the truth to Sasha or not, she is bound to get the update soon. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to such a huge betrayal.

Finally, Willow will give Chase a good piece of advice to follow his heart. Fans can accept Harrison to confess his feelings for Brook in the week of March 20-24, 2023. As for Brook, she will also have a confession for him and will share about the contract she has signed with Lin Brown. Stay tuned to see what else happens in GH in the coming week.

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