How Married At First Sight’s Trying But Failing To Mimic 90 Day Fiancé

Lifetime’s breakout hit reality show Married at First Sight has tried to emulate other successful reality shows, like 90 Day Fiancé, as it gained popularity. With 16 seasons currently under its belt, Married at First Sight has had plenty of opportunities to create a successful franchise. Despite a lot of failed marriages, the show continues to remain well-liked.

As the basic premise of Married at First Sight has begun to break down with more heightened dramatic conflicts and breakups, Married at First Sight season 16 and seasons past, have fought to keep its place as one of the more popular reality shows. With availability on multiple streaming services, Married at First Sight is widely accessible. As the franchise has tried to come up with ways to keep the show fresh by following the lead of other long-running reality shows, the series has been accused of being fake.

How Married At First Sight Tried To Copy 90 Day Fiancé



Married at First Sight has made a valiant attempt to create a universe for the show. Much like 90 Day Fiancé has been able to widen the scope of its content with spin-offs and recurring cast members, Married at First Sight has created several spin-off series as well. Both shows have a happily-ever-after-type spin-off following previous cast members from the series. Married at First Sight Couples Cam can be compared to 90 Day Diaries. Also, the return of Married at First Sight Couples Couch is almost a direct response to the popular spin-off 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk.

Married At First Sight Fails To Be Like 90 Day Fiancé


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Married at First Sight’s success with the spin-off series is abysmal, with a handful of series stopping before 13 episodes. Known as another social experiment, Married at First Sight has a disadvantage that 90 Day Fiancé doesn’t have in casting. Typically, those seeking to be in Married at First Sight are only looking for a successful marriage. Cast members of 90 Day Fiancé, on the other hand, have no motive for being on the show other than being on the show. This key difference in the basic structure of the shows makes the universe of Married At First Sight unlikely to become what 90 Day Fiancé is.

With so many spin-off series left unfinished, Married Aa First Sight has a long way to go to reach 90 Day Fiancé’s massive worldbuilding spin-off success. With a narrower focus on what specifically makes Married at First Sight, as opposed to other shows, popular among viewers, a more robust universe could be created for the franchise. As long as the show continues to mimic other reality shows, the expansion will remain stunned.

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