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General Hospital: Trina LANDS in A Medical Emergency

General Hospital spoilers tease that Trina might have to face the paternity test sooner than she thought. Although she decided not to get the DNA tests, the situation might leave Trina with no other option but to find out who her biological father is. Will Trina land in a life-and-d*ath situation where she might need a donor? Let’s discuss what type of possibility might push Trina to face the ultimate truth.

Trina Shuts Curtis’s Idea For Paternity Confirmation

After receiving the bombshell that Curtis is the biological father, Trina was completely shattered. She lashed out at her mother for keeping the secret for years and not telling anyone about it. General Hospital then showed how Curtis visited Trina at her place. While having a conversation with his daughter, Curtis came up with his wish to get the DNA tests and confirm their biological link. However, Trina immediately shut down that idea. To her, Marcus will always be the father she knows. So, she made it clear that DNA tests were not required.


However, in soap operas, things usually don’t go as planned. You plan something, and the consequences will be completely opposite to it. One thing to notice in the February 28, 2023’s episode is Trina mentioned something strange. During the conversation, Trina admitted that the truth could be forced out anytime – like a medical emergency situation or something! In soaps, every dialogue has a meaning, could this mean something like this will actually happen? Will Trina end up in a medical emergency? Let’s discuss what might happen in the coming weeks.

General Hospital Spoilers: Trina’s Medical Crisis To Force Paternity Test?

Coming back to what Trina mentioned, if a sudden medical crisis has to come, then it might actually lead to a paternity test. What if Trina lands in a life-and-d*ath situation where she requires a donor – especially someone biologically related? This might actually push the family to get the paternity test done and confirm their doubt. Although Trina has already made it clear that she would never see Curtis as her father, what if she suddenly has a change of heart?


If Curtis is really Trina’s father, then there will be another whole storyline starting for those two. It is possible that if Curtis becomes a donor, that might actually bring Trina and him a bit closer. Whatever it is, we have to see whether the story will take this turn or not. Just because Trina doesn’t want a relationship with Curtis, that won’t change the fact that he is her father! So, they definitely need to have a storyline of their own. Keep watching General Hospital, it airs every weekday on ABC. For more updates and spoilers, visit our website, TV Season & Spoilers.

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