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General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan’s Corpse Mysteriously Disappears! Is He Alive?

Since the past few weeks General Hospital has been so thrilling that we literally have no nails left to bite. And the ABC soap is showing no sign of slowing down. Bod*es are falling left, right, and center! At this rate, it’s hard to say who will survive to see another day in Port Charles. We recently saw Ava knocking out Nik, then Heather hooked Austin, and now Mac has shot Ryan! But in a shocking turn of events, Ryan’s body has gone missing! Does that mean the serial k*ller is still alive?

Mac Scorpio Ends Ryan’s Reign Of Terror

Ryan Chamberlain spent years behind bars on General Hospital. But the incarceration did nothing to douse the fire of his obsession with Ava Jerome. As soon as he, Heather and Esme broke out of prison, he ditched the women to go after his woman! He wasted to time in making his way to Wyndemere to corner Ava. When Mac Scorpio encountered him on the way, Ryan knocked him out, took his gun and left him on the street. Ryan then took Ava and Felecia hostage on Spoon Island.


However, the tables turned on General Hospital when Heather landed at Wyndemere and pushed Ava to k*ll Ryan. At one point, driven by anger and vengeance, Ava appeared ready to end Ryan’s life. However, the d*adly shot that eventually ended his reign of terror was fired by Mac Scorpio. Later, Jordan Ashford confirmed that Ryan has indeed d*ed. Kevin even unzipped the body bag to bid goodbye to his d*ad twin. But is it really goodbye? Or is General Hospital throwing another twist our way? Ryan has escaped d*ath before. Moreover, the man is so smart he faked having locked-in syndrome for years! Is he pulling another fast one on us?

Ryan Ditches The Body Bag, Criminal Mastermind Still Alive On General Hospital?

By now, we have accepted the fact that no one ever d*es forever on General Hospital. We literally WATCHED Anna shoot Lucy point blank, only to learn later that none of it was real. It was Holly wearing an Anna mask, and Lucy is still alive somewhere in Victor’s lair. So we’re having a hard time accepting that Ryan Chamberlain is d*ad for good on General Hospital. We have previously seen Peter August’s body disappearing from the morgue, after Liz confirmed that he was d*ad. Only to see him walk around alive later!


So if Peter can do it, who can stop the evil genius, Ryan Chamberlain, from pulling the same stunt on General Hospital? Perhaps in the upcoming episodes, we will see that the body bag reached the morgue empty, and Ryan has pulled off the ultimate disappearing act! That would certainly send the whole town spinning in terror. If there is anything worse than Ryan, it’s a vengeful Ryan! Imagine Mac Scorpio’s face when he sees Ryan grinning menacingly at him in the middle of the night. And now, Ryan may even add Heather’s name in his hit list since she tried to push Ava to k*ll him! Which also means, Ava’s troubles will just get doubled! Phew! We can’t wait to find out what happens next! Stay tuned to General Hospital to continue the thrilling ride of Port Charles.




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