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General Hospital Spoilers For February 17, 2023: EXPLOSIVE EPISODE Coming Up! Ryan ATTACKS Mac

General Hospital spoilers for February 17, 2023, reveal that Anna will haunt Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby, making her feel she is the next target. In the meantime, Victor will have some tasks for Deputy Mayor. Will Anna’s fake ghost drama lead to Eileen denying Victor’s order? On the other end, Ryan will attack Mac, and Jordan will rush to his aid. Over with Portia, she’ll try to explain her perspective behind hiding such a massive secret from everyone. Keep reading and find out what is brewing in Port Charles in today’s episode.

Portia’s Bombshell Leaves Curtis Outraged

On Friday, Portia will finally come clean about the paternity secret to Trina. Curtis will also join in to see for himself what Portia has to say about keeping it under wraps for years. General Hospital spoilers for February 17, 2023, say Portia’s reason to hide the truth will leave Curtis outraged and will end up blasting at her. Looks like when Curtis left Portia after he found out she was married, Portia thought it was best to make Marcus believe that he was the father. She didn’t want to ruin Marcus and Trina’s bond, so she decided to keep mum.


As Trina tries to process everything that Portia has said, she’ll have a conversation with Marcus. Seeing him sitting calmly will stir more confusion for Trina. He’ll have some explanations to do. Marcus already suspected that Curtis was Trina’s father. But he really loved his daughter, so he never cared about the DNA. It really didn’t matter if Curtis is the father or not. To him, Trina will always be the child he loves the most.

In the aftermath, Spencer will also get the updates about the paternity blow-up, so he’ll come to console Trina. Marcus’ priority right now is to make sure Trina is okay. Spencer will also want the same. Will Trina and Curtis be able to forgive Portia for this? Will Curtis call his marriage off with his newly wedded wife? We will know that soon.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Attacks Mac, Mayhem Strikes At Port Charles


Coming up next, Laura will get some disturbing news that’ll tie in with the prisoners on the run. With Ryan, Heather, and Esme on escape, Port Charles’ citizens will be in on high alert. General Hospital spoilers tease Felicia will visit Ava at Wyndemere when Ryan will also shock them with his presence. Looks like he’ll hold the gun on both Felicia and Ava.

As the two ladies fear for their lives, Austin might come to help them out since he is also in Wyndemere. Seeing Austin at Ava’s place may piss Ryan off completely. Fans know he is obsessed with Ava, so he may get the wrong idea of him being a new man in Ava’s life. In the aftermath, Ryan will attack Mac, and Jordan will rush to his aid.

Over with Victor, he won’t understand why Deputy Mayor is acting weird. The spoilers say Anna will play a trick on her leaving her fretting for life. Anna will record a message that is played over the radio in Eileen’s car, so she’ll feel Anna’s ghost is going to target her next. Of course, if she refuses to obey Victor’s order, that will put her in more trouble than even a ghost could give her. Once Victor assigns a task, he’ll hope for her to complete it. Will Eileen be taking that risk? Stay tuned and watch General Hospital, it airs every weekday on ABC. For more updates and spoilers, visit our website, TV Season & Spoilers.



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