‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Fans Think Todd Abused Chase, Why?

With a new season of Chrisley Knows Best airing, some fans have made the decision to go back and rewatch the old episode. On multiple social media platforms, fans admit they are seeing the reality TV family and series with a whole different perspective now that Todd and Julie Chrisley have been convicted of fraud.

Fans are in agreement that it is “wild” how different the series feels to re-watch now that they have a whole different view of the Chrisley family. In fact, fans are in agreement that Chrisley Knows Best is thick with irony now that Todd and Julie are behind bars.


Chrisley Knows Best: A whole different show with Todd behind bars

Rewatching Chrisley Knows Best, fans are realizing how painfully obvious it is that Savannah Chrisley is daddy Todd’s favorite child. Likewise, there was a time when Chase was written off as a playboy and a troublemaker. But, now fans are seeing what feels like a bit of a toxic and abusive father-and-son relationship.

One fan said as they called attention to the alleged abuse: “I kind of felt Todd was abusive to Chase. He threw his laptop in the pool, threw his phone in the lake, embarrassed him in front if his friends. That was just a few of the things he did.”


Fans have also called attention to the fact that Julie Chrisley became upset with Nanny Faye for taking things from her such as her cookbooks. Busted for being a klepto, fans are now pointing out that Nanny Faye may have been the very person who taught Todd that stealing was acceptable.

Another fan recalled: “I just watched the one where Julie accused Nanny of stealing her cookbook and they find out Nanny is a klepto…they learned from the best. Todd played ‘judge’ and Savannah said something about ‘I love anything court related’.

Other fans chimed in agreeing that rewatching the series, it was wild how many times the family references lying and going to prison.

Fans still love the show


Now, some fans were not ashamed to admit that they completely believe Todd and Julie Chrisley should be behind bars for their crimes. They, however, still enjoyed watching the show.

At the end of the day, even individuals who consider themselves to be fans of this family believe that Todd and Julie Chrisley should do the time for their crimes. And, they hope the reality TV series might get a second life when they get out of prison.

Have you tried rewatching the show with Todd and Julie behind bars? What do you think of this?

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