‘Married at First Sight’ star Domynique Kloss reacts to Mac’s mom offering him $50k to quit the show

Married at First Sight star Domynique Kloss has reacted to the news Mackinley Gilbert’s mother had offered her son $50,000 to back out of the extreme experiment.

Domynique, 25, and Mackinley, 34, were matched to wed as strangers by Married at First Sight experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz on the Lifetime reality series’ sixteenth season.

Mackinley’s mother had made it known she was against this “crazy” arranged marriage from the start, and Mackinley previously revealed, “My mom may have offered me 50 grand like the day before [the wedding to quit].”


Mackinley admitted earlier this month he “considered” taking the money “for a second” — probably, in part, because he was dating a woman at the time he was matched — and that his mother’s bribe “came from a place of love.”

During Wednesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight: Afterparty, host Keshia Knight Pulliam asked Domynique if she was aware Mackinley’s mother had attempted to put a stop to the wedding.

“No, [I didn’t know that],” Domynique confessed, before laughing about the bribe.

Although Domynique seemed surprised, she said of her mother-in-law’s reaction to Married at First Sight, “I get it.”


“It’s a very unconventional process, but you know, I think it shows heavily that she was there at the wedding. And she asked for my phone number after brunch,” she shared.

Domynique also said she had taken “a family picture” with Mackinley’s mother, sister and best friend during brunch the morning after the wedding.

“I was meeting his mom, his dad, his sister, his best friends — so it was okay,” Domynique said.

During Afterparty, Domynique watched back a Season 16 clip of herself sitting at brunch with Mackinley’s family.


“If my spouse is as committed to this process as I am, then I don’t see a world where it doesn’t work, you know?” Domynique tells Mackinley’s mother and loved ones.

“Well, like I said, I just found it to be nuts,” Mackinley’s mom replies with a stern look on her face.

Domynique then pats her own forehead with a napkin and notes, “It’s a little warm in here, is it just me?”

Keshia pointed out that while Domynique claimed it was getting hot in that room, it actually looked “real chilly in there,” from a viewer’s perspective.

“Mack’s mom has a very serious face, and honestly, this is the same face she had the whole night at our wedding,” Domynique explained.

Keshia admitted she had “some concerns” about Mackinley’s mother’s reaction to Domynique.

“It’s so funny because at brunch, Mack’s mom was more so of the overseer. It was more so his sister and his best friend that were putting me in the hot seat,” Domynique recalled.

“So I think that’s just her face, but she’s actually really nice, okay?”

Keshia joked, “That face would’ve scared me! I would’ve been like, ‘Check please!'”

Prior to meeting Mackinley at the altar, Domynique only had “two or three serious, exclusive relationships” that lasted over two years.

Domynique therefore said her friends were “excited” about her getting married, especially since she “didn’t pick” her groom.

While Domynique and Mackinley appeared to hit it off on their wedding day, Mackinley apparently wasn’t the groom Domynique had envisioned in her mind.

“As I’m coming down the aisle, my first thought is that physically, you know, Mack is not someone that I would typically go for,” Domynique admitted on Afterparty.

She went on to explain, “Typically I like tall, dark-haired [guys] with beards and a nice smile.”

Mackinley, on the other hand, thought his bride was “gorgeous,” and he was optimistic the couple would fall in love, have “a bunch of babies” together and “live happily ever after.”

The Married at First Sight experts dubbed Domynique “The Old Soul” and Mackinley “The Introverted Dreamer.”

Domynique said she was looking for an emotionally mature man who would commit to her and be willing to get his hands dirty outdoors, but she shared how she’s very attached to her mother and didn’t want to give up her frequent girls’ nights with her friends.

Mackinley, meanwhile, was hoping to find a woman with whom to settle down in Nashville and start a family. His idea of a good night was sitting on the couch with snacks and binge-watching Netflix.

Mackinley had been in a serious relationship before that ended with the woman getting engaged to another man — whom the woman had been cheating with — behind Mackinley’s back.

On the latest episode of Married at First Sight, Mackinley confirmed that he was “very attracted” to his “s*xy” wife.

“I’m very satisfied with not only her physical appearance but we’ve had time to chat and there’s more than that already. I’m just excited… to be a gentleman and see what happens,” he gushed to the cameras.

And Domynique shared how she and Mackinley were getting along great, adding, “He is so nice and so sweet and very thoughtful. I do feel like there’s a connection there and I can’t wait to see where it goes!”

But Married at First Sight previews suggest Mackinley and Domynique’s relationship is going to crash and burn.

“I was one hundred percent blindsided,” Mackinley tells his friends in tears. “I was not whom she was looking for.”

Domynique is then shown walking down the hallway of her apartment complex with a big box of her things and tears in her eyes.


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