Emmy Medders Hasn’t Let Boyfriend’s Riches Tarnish Her?

Emmy Medders isn’t letting the Chrisleys get her down. Chase Chrisley’s fiance is still making money despite what’s going on in their personal lives. She took to Instagram to promote a cell phone case, which had some fans confused. Emmy is making money despite her beau’s riches.

Some fans might find it insensitive in light of what’s going on with Todd and Julie Chrisley. The scorned reality stars are currently serving their prison sentences in different facilities. Emmy and Chase traveled to Florida to visit Todd. They also took pictures of themselves on the beach.


The Chrisley family is slowing down their businesses

Most of the Chrisley family has slowed down business. None of them are promoting their businesses right now with respect for Todd and Julie. Some fans wonder what’s going to happen to them in the future. Savannah Chrisley took a step back from her Sassy by Savannah Cosmetics brand.

She is letting her marketing team do the work. No longer does she promote her skincare or beauty products on her personal social media account. She’s been more focused on her Unlocked podcast, which she still gets paid for, but she pours her heart and soul into it.


Savannah invited Chase and Emmy Medders onto her platform. They appeared in separate episodes. They talked about family and how they’re dealing with this difficult time. Even though Chase calls himself an “entrepreneur” on his Instagram bio, he’s not promoting any of his businesses at this time.

With Emmy Medders, it’s a different story. She started her tanning business around the time that his parents were getting ready to go to prison. A few months ago, she announced the business on her personal Instagram page. Chase shared his support for her new venture. Now, she’s found another way to make money.

Emmy Medders becomes an influencer

This week, Emmy Medders took to her Instagram Stories to promote a phone case. She snapped a photo of herself holding up her adorable pup to the camera. Emmy wore the same beige Talentless hooded sweatshirt she wore in her previous photos. The former reality star encouraged her fans to purchase the matching metallic phone case she had on her phone.


Emmy Medders wrote: “Only $17” with a link to the product page. From there, fans could purchase the phone case for themselves. Emmy gets a cut from the sales. She’s not letting her boyfriend’s riches tarnish her. She’s getting a headstart on becoming an influencer.

What do you think of Emmy Medders promoting a phone case while the family is going through a difficult time? Do you think it’s a good idea? Or, do you think she should hold off? Sound off below in the comment section.

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