‘Married at First Sight: Gina’s Blunt Comments on Clint’s Looks Could Poison Their Marriage

Is it time to stick a fork in Gina and Clint’s relationship? The ink is barely dry on the Married at First Sight couple’s marriage license, but it already looks like the Nashville couple is heading for some serious – and possibly ugly – conflict.

Gina of ‘Married at First Sight’ says she doesn’t ‘really vibe with redheads’

When Gina, a 36-year-old hair stylist, met Clint, a 40-year-old account executive, on their wedding day, they seemed to click immediately. They bonded over their shared sense of adventure and the fact that they lived in the same apartment building. Gina even dubbed her new husband “super s*xy.” But was the Married at First Sight bride being totally honest about how she felt about her new man?


In a teaser (via Twitter) for the Feb. 1 episode of the Lifetime reality series, Gina and Clint get to know each other on their Jamaican honeymoon. As they chat on the beach, he gushes about how the trip has “exceeded expectations” so far, adding that he feels he and Gina “click.”


Gina picks that moment to make a confession.

“I think the one thing, it’s interesting, the one thing that I was like, ‘Just, I don’t really vibe with redheads or like gingery features,’” she says to her red-haired husband. “And not to say that you’re unattractive, just that’s what you are. And so I was like, OK. He’s gingery, like not my typical…”

‘MAFS’ cast member Clint says he’s ‘disappointed’ by Gina’s comments


Understandably, Clint isn’t thrilled to hear that his hair color is an issue for his new wife.

“For her to verbalize that so early in our relationship, I’m disappointed,” he tells producers.

How will Clint respond to Gina’s less-than-enthusiastic reaction to his appearance? Based on the teaser, it sounds like he might level some criticisms of his own. After she says he’s not the type of guy she would normally go for, he suggests she’s not his dream woman.

“I feel the same way,” he says.

The exchange between Clint and Gina also puts some body-shaming comments he made in a teaser (via People) for the upcoming season in a new light. The moment appears to take place during the group honeymoon.

“The girls I have dated are very athletic, slender,” he tells the other cast members as his wife, who has a more curvy physique, sits next to him.

Clint’s remarks don’t seem to win him any fans among the other wives. Domynique bites her lips and looks unimpressed as Clint speaks. And Nicole lays into him in an interview with the show’s producers.

“He has made comments that are offensive to every woman out there with a real, natural body,” she says. “You’re a d*ck.”

Are Clint and Gina headed for divorce?

Clint’s blunt comments about Gina’s appearance might rub her, the rest of the cast, and the show’s viewers the wrong way. But if he made them after she said she wasn’t attracted to redheads, it might be a case of him lashing out because he’s hurt or angry.

“And to think I got mad when I saw the preview for him saying he dated slender women,” one MAFS fan commented on Instagram. “Guess what sis, you deserved that comment.”

Criticizing the appearance of the person you’ve just met (and married) seems like a fast way to poison the relationship. Neither Clint nor Gina comes across in a particularly flattering light in the Married at First Sight teasers. It’s hardly surprising that the teaser hints a major honeymoon blow-up is on the horizon.

“That’s not what had happened,” Clint tells Gina as they have a tense conversation near the beach.

“OK, I’m done, yeah, thank you,” she says as she walks away.

“You should be done,” he angrily replies. “You should be done.”

Will Clint and Gina make it work, or are they headed for disaster? Find out when new episodes of Married at First Sight air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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