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General Hospital Spoilers For January 30, 2023: Nina Busts Carly-Drew, Marshall Gets The Genetic Test

General Hospital spoilers for January 30, 2023, claim that Nina will bust Carly and Drew together in a cozy moment. Nina is undoubtedly going to use it as leverage to take revenge on Carly. Not just that, she might also discover another secret of them which might end them up in prison. Elsewhere, Marshall will finally decides to get the genetic test. Curtis will get some shocking updates regarding that soon. Keep reading to know what is going to happen in GH in Monday’s episode.


Marshall Makes A Major Decision


First, Curtis will finally succeed in convincing Marshall to get the genetic test. General Hospital spoilers say Marshall will agree to get it done. However, he’ll still struggle with fear. He will fear if the report is negative and he never actually had schizophrenia, then he will be completely disheartened. Staying away from his family for so many years would mean nothing if he never had any disease. If that’s not the case, he may also fear that he might get diagnosed with something more dangerous than schizophrenia.




Nevertheless, Curtis will ensure that whatever the report says, their father-son bond won’t change ever. In the meantime, Stella will continue to find evidence to support her suspicion that Curtis is Trina’s biological father. Jordan will also push Portia’s button and pressure her to come clean with Curtis about it. Will this bombshell cause any sort of trouble on Portia and Curtis’ marriage day? We will have to wait to see.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha Struggles With Gladys

Coming up next, Gladys will decide to hand over Brando’s garage to Selina. Fans know she has a lot of debt after losing the poker game. General Hospital spoilers say Sasha will confront Gladys, but it won’t be of any use. She will inform her that she’ll go through her decision whether she likes it or not. While Sasha struggles to find common ground, chances are there that Cody might come to help her out in this. He is the one who knows about Gladys and her debt to Selina. Apart from that, Cody is also coming a bit closer to Sasha, so he might as well help her.


Over with Felicia, she’ll confide in Anna and have a conversation with her. Although Anna and Valentin want to continue to fake their d*ath, Felicia will support them. The spoilers say Anna will insist that Felicia’s secret will be safe with her. Given how things are going, this secret might be of Felicia admitting that she supports Anna and Valentin.

Nina Busts Carly-Drew

Finally, Nina will witness something which will make her fume in anger. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina will witness Carly and Drew hugging each other. So, she’ll confront them and realize that they are more than a friend. Fans know that Nina wants to take revenge on Carly. So, it won’t be a surprise if she finds out about the reason for keeping their relationship a secret. Nina will surely use the inside trading situation as leverage soon and report it to SEC eventually. Looks like things are going downhill for the couple again in the coming episodes.

In the hospital, Michael will block Sonny from entering Willow’s room. He might not want his father to see the newborn or Wiley. However, Willow will continue to hope that both of them reconcile. The spoilers also say Willow will soon get a cord blood transplant, so the C-Section delivery is soon to happen. Stay tuned and watch General Hospital, it airs every weekday on ABC. For more updates and spoilers, visit our website, TV Season & Spoilers.

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