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General Hospital: Cynthia Watros Is Having A Challenging Week, Opens Up!

The cat that General Hospital fans had been trying to nab is FINALLY out of the bag. In the most dramatic twist of fate, of course. Recently, we stood witness to Carly practically begging Nina to rush up the test to see if she matches Willow. While Nina was not averse to getting tested, she could not understand why Carly was sure that she would match. This left Carly no choice but to blurt out the truth that Willow was Nina’s bio daughter. Carly sat on the truth for long that it has come back to weigh as a mountain upon her. And, she had to come clean under the most tragic and frantic circumstances.

Those who have already watched the scene on General Hospital will attest to just how intense it was. Understandably, it must’ve drawn a lot of internal emotions from the actors to have been able to deliver it convincingly. Not just this particular scene, but even the upcoming episodes will be packed with extremely intense and emotional content. Now that Nina knows about Willow being her daughter, her whole stance towards her will change. She has already lost one daughter on the soap, and the other is fighting to stay alive. This can’t be easy for a mother, even one as strong as Nina.


Staying on the same line of thoughts, talented actress Cynthia Watros gave a shout-out to her General Hospital co-stars. She took to her official Twitter account to share a heartfelt thank you note. Cynthia thanked her audience for tuning in to the episode that they had all worked so hard upon. Furthermore, she thanked her co-stars, Emmy-winning actress Laura Wright (Carly), Katelyn MacMullen (Willow), and the veteran star Maurice Benard (Sonny). She addressed them as Laura, Katie, and Moe. Cynthia admitted in her tweet that it was a challenging and emotional week.


As soon as Cynthia tapped out the tweet, General Hospital fans flocked in the comments. They unanimously agreed that Carly and Nina’s confrontation scene was just as epic as it was intense. So much so that self-proclaimed GH Fan Tiffany stated that Laura and Cynthia’s scene should be on an Emmy reel. Other fans agreed that both actresses performed really well in the scene. Another fan, Sue, wrote that it was Soap Opera at its finest. Well, we can’t deny it at all. We absolutely loved the confession by Carly and Nina’s reaction to it. What are your views on the scene? Please share in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to General Hospital to see what happens next.

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