Why Domynique Shouldn’t Have Been Cast For MAFS Season 16

Married at First Sight season 16 features five couples, and while some of Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson’s matches make sense in theory, Mackinley Gilbert should not have been paired with Domynique Kloss. Although dozens of blind marriages have been arranged since 2014, only a handful of duos remain happily together as of 2023. Whether one cast member doesn’t find their partner attractive, or two individuals are simply incompatible in person, it’s more common for MAFS couples to separate on Decision Day than it is for them to stay married.

Although the past few MAFS seasons have been criticized by viewers because of the experts’ poor matches and unlikeable cast members, including Morgan Bell, MAFS season 16 kicked off on January 4, with five new couples ready to test their fates. Domynique, 25, and Mackinley, 33, were matched by Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal, alongside Kirsten Grimes and Shaquille Dillon, Jasmine Secrest and Airris Williams, Nicole Lilienthal and Christopher Thielk, and Gina Micheletti and Clint Webb. While it’s too early to tell how Domynique and Mackinley’s marriage will unfold, Domynique’s entrance, especially when aligned with Mackinley’s introduction, indicate that Domynique may not be ready for the tough obstacles headed her way on MAFS season 16.

Domynique’s Mother Signed Her Up For MAFS Season 16



While Domynique is not the first woman in her 20s to be cast by Lifetime, she is the first one to admit that she didn’t apply for MAFS. In a preview first shared by Us Weekly, Domynique, who is close with her family like Krysten Collins, revealed that her mother was the one who sent in the application for MAFS season 16. “I feel like you were ready for a relationship and they completely weren’t,” Domynique’s mother explained in a phone call

She then addressed the experts with, “I think you guys would do better about picking a person for her outside of her box.” Although Domynique confirmed that it was ultimately her choice to follow through with MAFS, Lifetime could’ve easily cast someone who applied to the program without the push, or assistance, of someone else.

Domynique’s Immaturity Surprised The Other MAFS Brides


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While viewers have already predicted that Airris will be the MAFS season 16 villain, Domynique’s young age and lack of romantic experience could land her in fast trouble with Mackinley. She self-describes as an, “old soul,” who wants to settle down with, “a permanent cuddle buddy.” However, her flirtatious behavior at the womens’ joint MAFS season 16 bachelorette party concerned viewers at home, and some of her co-stars. “Okay…you’re about to be a wife! Don’t give him your number!” Kirsten warned Domynique, after she got close to one of the male dancers. Then, Nicole commented, “That’s not her husband…unless Dr. Pepper is matching people with strippers now.”

Although Mackinley has made it clear that he is a hopeless romantic who doesn’t want to go through another failed relationship, Domynique and Mackinley’s marriage may fall apart before Decision Day, like MAFS season 15’s Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh. In the official trailer for MAFS season 16, which was shared by People, Mackinley and Domynique are shown to be at odds, and Mackinley calls Gina “s*xy,” and refers to her husband Clint as, “crazy.” While they aren’t the only couple who are expected to struggle throughout MAFS season 16, it’s already become clear that the experts could have matched Mackinley with someone other than Domynique.

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