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90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Getting FIRED From The Show After Disrespecting Co-Stars?

Angela Deem made an impact on the 90 Day Fiance audience from her days on The Other Way. She made her debut when she moved to Nigeria to be with her man, Michael Ilesanmi. Well, their relationship hasn’t been fruitful. There were constant bickering and fights throughout the show. At last, they tied the knot and started starring in Happily Ever After. In all these years, Angela still hasn’t changed her ways, and things are getting way out of hand now. The audience was in shock after seeing her behavior in the latest Tell All edition of the series. Well, many of them feel the castmate is very close to getting fired! Keep reading to know all the details about this.

90 Day Fiance: Angela’s Undying Feuds With Other Co-stars!

Angela Deem was first disrespectful towards her husband, Michael. However, through the years, the latter has continued to deal with this treatment with calmness and patience. Many fans feel that the Nigerian man deserves better and he should leave her. But Angela has a tendency to do this to everyone, it seems. That’s because she made quite an appearance in the latest Tell All episode. As the castmate entered the studio, she instantly started hurling abuses at Usman Umar i.e, Sojaboy. Things again took an ugly turn when Yara Zaya told her to calm down and respect others. Noted Instagram fan page @90daythemelanatedway also posed a clip of the same. It was of no use as the fight just intensified. So, the 90 Day Fiance viewers feel that Angela has a chance of exiting the show after such crass behavior with the castmates.



90 Day Fiance: Fans Don’t Want To See Angela’s Storyline Anymore! Will TLC Fire Her?

A lot of 90 Day Fiance viewers didn’t like Angela from the very beginning. However, for some, her storyline became a guilty pleasure. While they didn’t approve of her ways, they loved how much drama she brought to the show. But things started to go out of line when the star went to an extreme. This includes flashing herself during the previous Tell All and ripping her husband’s car after showing up in Nigeria unannounced. Things were even more problematic when Angela even hit her husband when he came to talk to her amidst their first encounter in years. They even filed petitions to get her out of the show.

At last, even the drama-loving fans are getting tired of her tactics and want her gone from the show. Many 90 Day Fiance fans even bombarded the comments section of her Instagram post talking about the same. So. many of them hope that TLC will listen to them and do the needful.


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90 Day Fiance: Angela Abuses The Production Crew!

While some 90 day Fiance fans feel that Angela beefing with her castmates is still acceptable. There have been times when the Georgia native has been very disrespectful toward the team behind the camera. Fans find this very problematic as the crew tirelessly works for hours to bring everyone’s favorite show onto TV screens. So, many suspect that TLC will fire Angela if she puts their safety at risk. Moreover, it would mean “bad press” for the network. In order to not deal with such a fuss, it would be a safe option to just chuck Angela out of the show. However, these are merely speculations on the internet.

So far, TLC Has not shed any light on the star getting kicked out of the show. How do you feel about Angela? Do you think the network will benefit after her exit? Tell us in the comments below. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the reality TV show updates.


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